Jay Rawlings introduces his unique Walkabout Magician

  • Totally original creation (originated and built by Dave Brown and used exclusively by Jay Rawlings)
  • Guaranteed to mystify and enthrall
  • The perfect walkabout for any occasion; Garden Parties, Shopping Centres, Fairs etc.

Resplendent in Tails, White Gloves and carrying a miniature theatre; Jay will delight any audience with this enchanting theatre of illusion.

From the back of the stage appear two hands, ten digits performing uncanny sleight-of-hand for the amusement and merriment of an intimate audience.

A very funny act - made my day!

Walkabout Entertainment

This beautifully conceived idea is perfect walkabout entertainment.

The miniature theatre has been carefully designed to meet the needs of Jay's own brand of walkabout entertainment:

  • It is big enough to be visible and catch attention
  • The dimensions will only allow an intimate crowd that will not block up any walkway
  • Designed with risk assessment in mind - Jay's unique walkabout magician can be safely engaged to perform in any walkabout situation
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Unique Walkabout Magician & Stage Entertainer
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